BlackMilk Studio’s “A Thousand Suns” Are Next Level Sci-Fi Shorts You Gotta Watch

April 24, 2024
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We are huge sci-fi fans and have been for as long as we can remember so when we saw that Macgregor and BlackMilk Studio were launching ‘A Thousand Suns,” a new science fiction anthology series, we started counting the days.  BlackMilk Studio is a Los Angeles based boutique production company and as you will see, and as they will tell you, they “shoot cool shit.”  Well the wait is over and now you can sink your eyeballs into some mind-melting sci-fi short stories.  Here is the official word from BlackMilk Studio regarding ‘A Thousand Suns.’

A Thousand Suns is a science fiction anthology series of short stories that explores visions of humanity’s future, shaped by the actions of our world today: a gateway to our hopes, dreams and nightmares.

Our ambition was to build a platform for exciting new filmmakers with unique voices to create stories set wherever their imaginations take them. Imagine if The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror had a mutant offspring with Heavy Metal. Each story stands alone — they can be funny, scary, emotional or horrifying — but together all the stories tell one story: mankind’s struggle to survive in a universe that seems to want us extinct. 


These first six episodes are just the beginning. Whether they’re three minutes or thirty minutes long, we have plans for many more episodes to come. Infinite stories that span infinite worlds.


The series was created by Macgregor and produced by BlackMilk Studio. The first six episodes were directed by Ruairi Robinson, Macgregor, Tyson Wade Johnston and Tim Hyten, written in collaboration with screenwriter Philip Gelatt. 

Tired of endless remakes and sequels and bland corporate IP mulch? Well, so are we. We are a collective of filmmakers who couldn’t just sit idly by while our favorite genre gathered dust. We’re on a mission: to revive the kind of original, mind-bending, thought-provoking sci-fi we grew up on. 

We’ve all been repeatedly told delivering big science fiction on a budget “isn’t possible”, so we decided to go ahead and do it anyway. We didn’t ask for money or permission — we put everything we had into this. Financing the shorts ourselves, we didn’t have the budget to make a hundred million dollar movie — but what we knew we could make short films that felt like scenes from hundred million dollar movies if we just worked ourselves to the bone.

This is just the beginning. 

We’ve got more tales to tell, more worlds to explore. We’d love to keep making these as a streaming series and also we have standalone feature film length stories based on some of these episodes that would play great on the big screen. 

But, we could use a little boost to keep our afterburners firing, since we aren’t made of money. So if you work at a streamer or a movie studio, tell your boss that you are their boss now, and you are green lighting this.

Here’s Episode 1: Ice for your viewing pleasure.  all other episodes can be found HERE.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.




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