Florey’s First Designer Toy, “Gamebot” Takes Us Back To Our Youth…AND WE WANT IT!

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Florey is an exceptional artist and designer from Melbourne, Australia who’s client list includes Marvel, DC, AMC, Peanuts and Namco-Bandai. He has just announced his first designer toy and it brilliant! In 1989, Nintendo’s hand-held game console, “Game Boy” was ALLLLLL the rage, (we STILL have ours!) It would go on to become the fourth best-selling console of all-time and now you can go back to yesteryear with Florey’s “GAMEBOT Vinyl Figure.”

Isn’t he ADORABLE!

Here is what Florey’s page has to say about our next collectible obsession.

Introducing GAMEBOT! Your new vinyl robot friend, inspired by the greatest era in handheld gaming…the 90s! Insert your choice of GAMEBOT Cart to customize your GAMEBOT’S appearance (additional carts coming soon!). Featuring magnetic hands and feet for a satisfying click and extra stability.

Each GAMEBOT Starter Pack includes:

  • 1 x GAMEBOT Body
  • 1 x GAMEBOT ‘Happy’ Cart 
  • 1 x GAMEBOT Magnetic Legs
  • 2 x GAMEBOT Magnetic Hands

Measurements when assembled: Approximately 4″H x 3″W x 2″D

You will be able to preorder these HERE starting July 1st for $52 and our fingers are crossed that we can get our hands on one before they sell out. IF we can get one we will do an unboxing video to share our joy at attaining this awesome designer toy. Huge congrats to Florey for creating such a highly desirable collectible. We can’t WAIT to see all the variations that are on the way for this!

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