OREO To Launch Special, Limited Edition Star Wars Cookie Packs

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Your destiny awaits and the only way to find out whether you will give yourself to the dark side or immerse yourself in the light side is by opening a pack of official Star Wars OREO cookies. Yes, you heard us right. You could live a life of positivity, helping those in need, solving world problems, protecting those that can’t protect themselves OR, you will sink into the murky darkness and take what you want, you will shun the light and seek out evil…all from a simple purchase of Star Wars branded OREOs.

If only life were that easy.  Well, this collaboration between Lucasfilm and OREO IS happening and here is what you need to know.

OREO brand, in collaboration with Lucasfilm, has announced the release of Special Edition Star War OREO Cookies. The two iterations of the Star War OREO Cookie Packs are wrapped in identical exterior packaging, but each pack contains a single color creme that symbolizes either the dark side or light side of the Force. Even better? A playful twist: fans won’t know what side they’re on until they open it!

When fans open their packs, and discover their destiny, they’ll be greeted with either dark side or light side Star Wars™ OREO Cookies with red or blue creme, respectively, that’s infused with “kyber” sugar crystals inspired by the crystals found in a LIGHTSABER™.  On each cookie, fans will find embossments of corresponding dark side and light side characters such as Darth Vader, Darth Maul and a stormtrooper for the dark side pack, or Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Princess Leia for the light side pack, with 10 characters each across the two varieties of the Special Edition Star Wars™ OREO Cookie Packs — 20 characters total.

The Star Wars™ and OREO Cookie lore goes even deeper if you take a closer look at the packaging art. As an homage to the franchise, the Star Wars™ OREO Cookie Packs feature original character artwork beautifully hand-painted by the legendary illustrator Greg Hildebrandt, an iconic Star Wars™ poster artist since 1977.

The new Star Wars™ OREO Cookie Packs will be available for presale starting May 30 at OREO.com/StarWars and will begin rolling out at retailers nationwide starting June 10. The packs will be available only for a limited time, while supplies last.

WHAT!  NO JAR-JAR BINKS OREO! So let’s start guessing how much folks will be trying to sell these on ebay for.  Our guess starts at $50, what say you?

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