PLEASE Make A “Yuki 7” Series On Adult Swim or Netflix! PLEASE !!!!!

November 6, 2023
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Once again, we are late to the game because what we will be talking about here today first premiered back on August 26th of 2021 BUT… it’s SO damn cool that we are going to rant about it anyway because we LOVE it.  “Yuki 7” is a micro series about a jet-setting spy girl who always has a plan and is the brainchild of Kevin Dart and Chromosphere Design and Animation Studios.

Here is a little insight to the award winning studio, Chromosphere.Chromosphere is a visual & creative laboratory where we explore the space between art and technology. We love the process of creating and are most happy when we’re doing something we don’t know how to do. Our studio is a creative harbor for artists who like to do things a different way, and a place where unconventional ideas can flourish and grow into incredible things. Whether we’re creating experimental animated films, interactive experiences, title sequences, or any other exciting project we can get our hands on, we are always aiming to push the furthest visual possibilities of our craft and find the newest and raddest endeavors!”

RAD” being the key word here.  We literally just stumbled upon “Yuki 7” whilst researching something else and have already binged both seasons!  Yuki 7 is a super spy who, along with her team, “Dr Goldpaws” and “Rocket Turtle“, thwart evil with the help of her super computer “Elinor.”

Here is what Kevin had to say about the project a couple of years ago in an interview with STASH:

Kevin Dart:We’ve spent years developing techniques for working in a hybrid, hyper-stylized 2D/3D animation style, and this project is the culmination of everything we’ve learned.

“We wanted to have the most fun possible with no limitations, which is how we ended up with rough and sketchy 3D models, 2D effects, and enough sweet halftone and raster line patterns to last a lifetime.

“It’s a brand new technique with lots of vintage and retro inspiration, a real mashup of styles. We had so much fun making this, and I really hope it’s fun for people to watch.”

We are going to share the first three episodes below as well as a link to both seasons.  Once you are done, let us know if you agree that this would make a rad series on Adult Swim or Netflix.


EPISODE 1: “They Called Her Number 7”

Yuki pulls her team through a mission on the brink of disaster, and begins to have mysterious visions.

EPISODE 2: “The Crystal Entanglement”

Yuki and her team embark on a new mission to Tangier, but plans quickly start to fall apart when they encounter a mysterious enemy.

EPISODE 3: “The Escape Continuum”

Yuki hatches a daring escape plan, only to run into even more trouble. Meanwhile, Rocket Turtle & Dr. Goldpaws try to figure out how to reunite their team.

If you dig these like WE dig these then sign up for the Yuki Club Newsletter to stay up to date on the team’s adventures and be the first to hear about new episodes & other things!


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