So…What Did We Learn From The House Oversight and Accountability subcommittee Hearing on UFOs This Week?

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Ok, don’t judge us but we have been believers in UFOs ever since we watched Steven Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” back in 1977.  We walked out of the theater with our jaw agape and we have been looking towards the night sky ever since.

Ever since the Roswell incident from July 1947, people have been asking the government, “Are we alone?”  The government has led everyone to believe that quite simply, “Nothing to see here, go about your business.

So after decades of shitty photos, shaky videos and hearsay, we have now entered into an era where technology is allowing us to accumulate substantial, scientific data about things we may have not seen before as well as capture images AND videos of things we CAN see.  Now this is a huge step forward but… it also leaves us with even more questions.

Ever since the 2017 New York Times article about secret U.F.O. government programs, the American public has been relentless in pushing the government into UFO/ UAP transparency and Congress are right there with them.

This week, the House Oversight subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs hearing called,Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena: Implications on National Security, Public Safety, and Government Transparency.”  This open hearing called forward 3 esteemed guests, Ryan Graves, retired pilot, David Fravor and USAF officer and former intelligence official / whistleblower David Grusch.

These 3 guests were under oath as the subcommittee was asking direct questions regarding the BIG question, “Is the US government in possession of off world technology and biological entities and are they covering it up?


Here are the key points that really stuck out to us.

At the VERY least…there needs to be several private meetings in a SKIF, ( Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) follow up with more public panels.  When this happens, we will be watching and trying to get to the bottom of this intriguing mystery.  Let us know what you think down below in the comments.

Here is the full video of the committee if you would like to take the time to watch it and form your own opinions based off the information provided.




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