Wear Your World With Moby Fox Smartwatch Bands

August 4, 2023
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Pop culture fans are ravenous for their favorite franchises.  They spend countless amounts of money on collectibles that they display proudly, or secretly, in their homes.  Moby Fox says, “We’re big fans of big fans” and their product line shows it.  They allow you to customize your strap in just one tap with their officially licensed smartwatch bands.


If you love Star Wars, they can make you the envy of everyone in a galaxy far, far away.

If you love DC, they can bring justice to your boring watch band…

…if you are a Marvel fanatic, they can avenge that lame smartwatch band you currently have with just a snap.

In fact, they have a TON of official licenses ranging from Star Trek to Transformers, the Beatles, NASA, Stranger Things, Harry Potter and many more.

They also have an App called Mobyface which has tons of free watch faces to accompany your watch band.  When you buy a band you will also get a QR code which will show you a matching collection of watch faces to go with your purchase.

Click HERE to head over to Moby Fox and style out your smartwatch and support your favorite fandom.



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